Sunday Bulletin

Our hope in posting this ahead of time is that you might prepare your hearts to worship with us this coming Sunday. You can use this before or after Sunday during family worship with your children, to teach them the songs so they can engage more. Or in general for your own meditation and encouragement. This is tentative and subject to change.


August 9, 2020


Call to Worship...Isaiah 40:9-17, 27-31

Song of Adoration: Behold Our God

Announcements: Wes Higuchi

Fighter Verse: Psalm 34:15-16

Song of Confession: Only a Holy God

Song of Grace: In Christ Alone

Scripture Reading: Psalm 99...Kellie Pali

Sermon: Noah Brennan

Song of Response: Before the Throne of God Above

Offering: Bob Weier

Sending Song: Holy, Holy, Holy