Would you like to speak with Pastor Randy?

The following options are available as broad categories in order to help facilitate your meeting. In some cases, you may be connected with someone else within the church in order to best meet your needs. Please use the links below to schedule a time, or if you absolutely cannot meet at the available times, please call the church office to request a different time. 



Need pastoral counsel for a specific struggle or advice on a challenging circumstance? Choose this option and offer a brief description in the appropriate field. Further appointments can be made after the initial meeting. 



Have a specific financial need that we might be able to help with? Or other more general need? A phone call is the best to gain more information and a follow-up meeting can handle most requests. Use the link below and schedule a time for a phone call. Please note the nature of the request in the appropriate field. 


General Questions

Have a question, idea, or just want to talk about something that isn't related to counseling, or assistance, but you'd like to speak with a pastor none-the-less. This option is for you and just note it in the fields when asked.