Discipleship Courses

"Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth." -2 Timothy 2:15

Conformity to the image of Christ demands the renewal of the mind by the Word of God (Romans 12:2). In other words, there is an essential educational element to the Christian life. To tackle this, we have put the "School" back in Sunday school and even have a night class occasionally.

We understand what it's like to work, have children, and balance all of the responsibilities of life that can make committing to an indefinite, never-ending class a bit of a challenge. To assist with this, we offer various courses that rotate each quarter (12 weeks) of the year on a variety of subjects with the goal of engaging and equipping you for the work of the ministry as a functioning member of the body of Christ. Some of these courses have light assignments, reading materials, memory work, presentations, and yes, even a few tests. We think you'll really enjoy it and find that your growth is amplified with the extra effort. 

Currently we are offering the following courses on Sunday morning at 9:00AM:  

  • Church Body Building with Pastor Jim Wellsand: This class isn't about hungry muscular people walking around in tiny underwear. It's far more rewarding. It's an overview of the "One-another" passages of Scripture. It will be an interactive class with the goal of practical application of the Scriptures and building up the body of Christ. Come get pumped up!

  • "What Did You Expect" with Pastor Bill Staton: Walking through the book by Paul Tripp, this is a wonderful opportunity to look past our plans and glimpse into God's design. We'll bust the myths of Hollywood and seek to embrace the promises of what holiness would look like in our marriages, homes, and hearts. This class is for anyone, married or single, who has an interest in God's design for marriage.

  • Explore The Bible with Wes Higuchi (Deacon). This class will examine the New Testament books of Galatians and James over 12 weeks. It will be interactive in format and insightful in content. These 2 books are often pitted against one another for the supposed tension of justification by faith alone, or faith + works. By the end of the course you will see how the Scriptures present a unified view of salvation through faith in Christ alone that results in a transformed life devoted to good works for the glory of God. Start reading and come join us.

  • Waiehu Church Plant: Doctrine & Practice with Church Planters Jay Haynes & Rocky Komatsu: This class will discuss the beliefs and practices that will drive and shape the Waiehu Church Plant in 2019. If you're interested in learning more about the church plant, considering joining the core team, or just want to learn how to be a more faithful and active member of your own church, we invite you to join this excellent course.

  • Children's Choir & Catechism with Mike Hennegan & Kelly McCready (4yrs. & up): This is an opportunity to teach children through song and instruction. We shouldn't underestimate the cumulative value of sowing God's truth into our children through various forms. This class has the goal of integrating and valuing our children in the larger life of the congregation as they will periodically lead the church in corporate worship on a Sunday morning. In addition, it provides families a platform for instruction and family worship throughout the week via a catechism that all can benefit from. We welcome children 4 years old - high school into this class.

Feel free to drop-in at anytime and you will be encouraged and sharpened to be more like Christ.