The New City Catechism
We will be committing to memory The New City Catechism as a church.

At Kahului Baptist Church, we believe that a right response to God in obedience and burning delight is fueled by right thinking about God.  To that end, we will employ a practice that the Church throughout the ages has done: catechisms.


Specifically, we will be using The New City Catechism (Crossway).  This catechism, as with all good catechisms, is rooting in the Scriptures and in church history.


There are 52 Questions and Answers (Q&A), one for each week of the year.  Each Q&A comes with a Bible verse to meditate on, as well as a short commentary from a past preacher as well as a contemporary preacher for those who desire to study the topic further.  Each Q&A also comes with a short prayer to help you pray specifically on the topic of the week.  What they have essentially given you is a weekly devotional*.


We also encourage you to involve your children, not only because catechisms were originally meant to teach children about God and what the Bible says we should believe, but because The New City Catechism also has a Children's version of each Answer as well as a song* for each Q&A.  Even though the songs are meant to help children memorize the short Answers, they are helpful for adults as well.


The New City Catechism has an online browser Web App for those who prefer to access the material on your computer and an app that you can find on the Google Play Store and App Store.


So, join us as we commit to memory some of the most important truths we could ever invest time in memorizing.


*The commentary, prayer, scripture, and songs may not be accessible from your mobile browser or if you are accessing the catechism via our KBC App from a smartphone.  It may only show the Q&A.  To access the rest of the content, download The New City Catechism App on the Google Play Store or App Store or access the catechism on your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.


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