Since our Sunday Gathering has been cancelled for a couple weeks, it has never been more important to be intentional about caring for each others’ souls and physical needs. While we are not actually gathering, we encourage you to continue to Read, Pray, and Sing throughout the week, memorize scripture, and reach out to one another to read scripture, pray, and find out if they have any physical needs that you or others in the church can meet.

Join us on Facebook Live and YouTube Live on Sunday at 10:15am as we read scripture, sing, pray, and hear the Word preached.


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We have also put together a playlist on both YouTube and Spotify that we pray will encourage you and your family to meditate on and trust our sovereign God through this time when we may be tempted to be fearful and anxious. He will care for his people, as is most clearly displayed at the cross (Romans 8:32). We pray these songs serve you and your family.