5 Year Bible Reading Plan

God's Word is powerful and sufficient to change us and conform us to the image of Christ. We truly believe that God's Word creates what it commands! As such, we want to help you read the Bible better. 


We encourage you to jump in with our 5 year reading plan.  Our aim is to read a bit less, but meditate much more, and finish the Bible in 5 years.  Puritan Thomas Brooks put it this way: "Remember, it’s not hasty reading, but serious meditating upon holy and heavenly truths, that make them prove sweet and profitable to the soul. It’s not the bee’s touching of the flower which gathers honey—but her abiding for a time upon the flower, which draws out the sweet. It’s not he who reads most—but he who meditates most, who will prove the choicest, sweetest, wisest, and strongest Christian."


Click the button below to view the reading plan.  We will also link a suggested reading schedule for each month by your choice of a chapter breakdown or a section breakdown of the current month's book.

5 Year Reading Plan