Pearl Harbor: Remembering Threads Of Redemption

December 7, 1941 is a significant day for Hawaii and for our nation. The events on this day, in which we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, serve as a reminder of the unfathomable wisdom and sovereignty of God to redeem fallen humanity.

See, it was the events surrounding World War II (WWII) that diverted missionaries from their work in Asia to Hawaii and ultimately to the island of Maui where Kahului Baptist Church would eventually be planted in 1944. They originally began meeting out of a Buddhist hall near the airport.

In the 1940’s, gospel seeds were sown by the rerouted missionaries. Those seeds would take root in the lives of countless people. This includes the likes of a young girl named Natsuko (Hilda) Imoto, who turned from the broken cisterns of Buddhism to the Fountain of Life, Jesus Christ. Her life was forever changed and she faithfully followed Jesus as a member of Kahului Baptist Church until the day she met Him face to face last year at age 87. Countless other stories could be likewise told throughout the 70+ years of ministry at Kahului Baptist Church. And all of it can be traced to the events of Pearl Harbor and WWII. 

So as we reflect upon those events, and the many who lost their lives in the war that was to follow, let us also remember the countless number who found Life for the first time as a result. Out of the chaos of an act of war and in a house of idolatry God was redeeming a people for Himself.

Sin and death will not have the last word. The Lamb has conquered and will reign victorious forever and ever.