"Put What Remained Into Order."

“Put What Remained Into Order, and appoint elders in every town.” -Titus 1:5

There’s a first time for everything they say. And for our church ohana, we are in a new season. This exciting time period marks the first time in the history of the church that we are moving to identify and affirm a plurality of elders to lead and oversee the affairs of the Church. 

We have 3 candidates: All of them identified through the members, and all of them love the glory of God, the Word of God, and the people of God. Even having these conversations is a sign of God’s answering prayers and His working in our midst. Being that this is our first time walking through it means there are bound to be questions and a multitude of other matters to be considered in order to navigate it well.

To assist in that regard, I have sent out an email with links to 3 past sermons over Biblical qualifications of a pastor, and the questions asked of the candidates already. This is all geared to help you think Biblically and respond accordingly (if you would like a copy of that email and didn’t receive it for whatever reason, please contact me). 

Additionally, given that there are some members who may not know all or any of the candidates very well or possibly haven’t gotten to see or talk to them much, there will be a time of sharing on May 20 after Sunday morning services. This time is to allow for members to share testimony for or state other observations of the candidates in a spirit of love, with an eye to helping others who may not know them discern the Biblical qualifications of any given candidate. The candidates and their wives will not be present at this time and we hope this will help you exercise your role as a member in making a Biblically informed, Spirit-led decision. 

Lastly, the formal vote of affirmation will occur on Sunday, June 3rd, following Sunday morning service. In the meantime, be in prayer over this. If you have questions, I’m here to help answer them to the best of my ability and you are encouraged to speak with the candidates as well if you have more personal items you’d like to have addressed. I will be (hopefully) writing more frequently throughout this time in hopes to review matters of qualifications and other things that are pertinent to think through. Anything I write will be posted to this blog and announced on Facebook member connect page. So check there often for updates. May God be honored and glorified in and through the saints of Kahului Baptist Church. 

Working With You,

Randy Pauley, Pastor