So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith. -Galatians 6:10


The title phrase pictured above means: “Love one another.” In 2020, how can we practically engage one another in love and grow as a church body? Or as Paul exhorts us in Galatians 6:10, how can we take every opportunity to do good, especially to those who are fellow Christ-followers with us? 

In the following series of posts, I’d like to tease out a few very practical ways to tangibly display and cultivate love for God and His people. This is primarily written for members at Kahului Baptist Church, but even if you fellowship elsewhere, I hope this encourages you to meaningfully engage your church ohana. 


So the 1st way is to get a list of members of your church and pray over them regularly and systematically. I have emailed a list out to all of our members and those who desire it. If you don’t have one, see me and I can email it or print you one. 

Pray over ALL of them, even the ones you don’t know. When you meet new-comers, write them onto your list and pray for them too! 

There’s a number of ways this could be done. You could pray for a set number of members a day and work your way through the list until you’re done…then start over! If your church is 200 members or less (which most churches are), praying over 5 members a day, you’ll get through your list of members in 40 days or less. This means you’d pray over EVERY person in your church about 9 times a year! What better way to exercise your role as a royal priest (1 Peter 2:9) than to lift God’s people, by name, up to Him?

Additionally, you can do this in family worship and lead your children and families to pray for a few members. This will emphasize to THEM the importance of the body of Christ and Christ’s work of redemption. It will help them to realize that Christ adopts us personally…and unites us with others into His family. Undoubtedly it will raise other teaching points in your time together that bring the Scriptures to life! 

This will do a few things: 

  • It will keep you & your family mindful of God’s people and opportunities to help. 

  • You will begin to notice more, when those people are absent. Being unseen or bypassed by God or His people can certainly amplify pain. It’s always encouraging to be reached out to. We ARE our brother’s keeper…let’s watch out for one-another. 

  • As you pray for those you don’t know yet, it can encourage you to get to know them, and pray for them with more specificity. Even if that takes a while, God knows what they need and your prayers will not be wasted.

  • It will help you watch for answers to prayers! 

  • As you do it, encourage more to do it and you may find more of God’s people praying for YOU too! 

  • It will help align you with the purposes of Jesus, as He always lives to intercede for His people. 

  • It honors God as we rely on Him to build His Church and lead His people. 


  • Can you think of other benefits to doing this? 

  • Will you begin today? 

  • Plan now to follow-up and get a list.  

  • Reach out and let 1 or 2 people KNOW you prayed for them. This is hugely encouraging (but only if you actually pray for them). 

  • Even if you don’t have a list, you can pray for those members you do know until you receive a copy of the full list. 

The next post will look at more ways to love and cultivate love for God & His people.